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Both on digital platforms and in physical spaces,
Banquette strategizes, manages, and cultivates on-brand communication.


let's talk specifics.

We tell our friends that we design communication and create vibes. We do just that in order to get people posting, sharing, aspiring, and discovering, so that in turn you can have people reserving, returning, ordering, and obsessing!

There are two ways we can offer an extra set of hands:

gotta see it to believe it?

check out our visual project portfolio.

let's just talk

let's just talk.

Great plan!

You can click to email us here:

Or if you prefer:

We’ll be in touch soon.

meet banquette

meet banquette.

The team at Banquette is a collective of marketing minds, account coordinators, designers, copywriters, and internet sleuths.
Our extended fam includes photographers, videographers, developers, and social ad specialists!

Banquette is in 📍Toronto.

Banquette is led by two women trying to make their city a place everyone should want to be;

we like to say we’re in the business of making little experiences leave lasting impressions.

Lindsey hales from the West Coast and now lives in The Distillery District.

Chloe is a New Yorker who now lives in the Brockton Triangle.


the company we keep.

We got our start in the hospitality industry, and aim to approach all aspects of business with hospitality in mind. When it comes to our team, we’re working to raise the bar, ensuring more people get a seat at the table. Our ultimate goal is for our contributors, clients and their communities, to feel taken care of, welcomed, and excited. Everyone deserves to feel like they are sitting at the best seat in the house.


Banquette keeps their clients relevant, gives them a voice, grows their sales, and makes them look damn. good. Here is a peek at a few of the companies we’ve worked with…

the company we keep
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